SharePoint Fest is in my new hometown of Washington, DC at the end of March and I’m excited to be given a chance to speak at this great event. Twice, in fact. If you’ll be making the trek to the nation’s capital, I’ve got two topics to cover and I’d love to see you out to chat a bit about them.


Be sure to say hi to Honest Abe while you’re in town


The first is a case study on migrating to SharePoint Online. So many people and organizations talk about it like it’s easy, like it’s a total no-brainer. While it’s a smart move, it takes some time to understand the implications, make a coherent recommendation to your management, and get it approved by the higher-ups in your org. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly.


Then there’s the actual migration process, which always comes with bumps in the road. My What it was REALLY like migrating to SharePoint Online session covers the process from beginning to end, with plenty of tidbits for you to prepare your argument, maximize your investment, and avoid some potholes that I and others have experienced.

This session is a case study from my time living in the Caribbean, so be prepared for pretty pictures


The second topic is a basic intro to Office 365 Groups, that super useful but peskily confusing feature that has been the buzz of the Office 365 world for the last couple years (and especially the last 12 months). Groups are a great way to get all your content into SharePoint (without resistant users knowing better) and bring much of your collaborative activities into one place (finally). I’ll be covering what Groups come with under the covers, so if you’ve seen my infographic before, I’ll be explaining it in full.



My The Office 365 Groups session you can take back to your colleagues session is an end-user intro, but presented so business users, IT pros, decision makers, basically anyone who has to use Groups, can use it as a legitimate training basis for your organization. Why reinvent the wheel on training? Just take my slides and put them on your company’s branded slides.


One last thing: sign up now and use the discount code WadeDC100 when registering to save $100 on your bill. Hope to see you soon in the nation’s capital!

Come see my sessions at SharePoint Fest DC!

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