I’m excited to be joining 120 other Office 365 geeks worldwide as part of the Collab365 Global Conference, a free, live-streaming Office 365-a-palooza!  We’ll be bringing you the very latest content around SharePoint, Office 365, Flow, PowerApps, Azure, OneDrive for Business and of course the increasingly popular Microsoft Teams. The event is produced by the Collab365 Community and is entirely free to attend.


What will I be covering? Glad you asked! My session is a user-centric, everyday guide to how Office 365 Groups work. The session is meant to be for you to literally take back to your colleagues with minimal effort so you don’t have to reinvent the training wheel. Why waste the time? You’ve got other things to work on. My session’s called ‘The Office 365 Groups session you can take back to your colleagues’, appropriately enough.


Here’s a short description: Baffled by Office 365 Groups? Join the club. As we’re all too aware, confused users mean meager adoption. This session will 1) cover what Groups are; 2) how to create and use Outlook Groups, Yammer Feeds, and Teams Chats; and 3) describe in detail how they’re all related (spoiler: they’re basically the same thing). Most importantly, you’ll pick up use cases that demonstrate when to use which, plus some concise infographics that will help translate this nebulous concept into concrete results. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel: after this user-focused session, you’ll receive the slides so you can present your colleagues the same session—tailored to your culture—without much effort. Kill the chaos, then reap the benefits of an engaged organization.


The sessions are pre-recorded, but I’ll be there live to answer questions. Mine’s also a tad shorter than most, so if you’re tight for time… you’re welcome. 😉


How to attend:

  1. Register here. Now. Seriously, let’s get on this!
  2. At the time of my session (Nov 2 at 09:00 EDT/13:00 UTC), go here to watch my session.
  3. Be ready to take notes!
I’m speaking at Collab365 Global Conference Nov 2

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