You can find me in my hometown the week of November 12th for SPTechCon Washington, DC. I’ll be presenting two sessions on Wednesday, November 15th in the nation’s capital (well, just about: Bethesda’s right on the Metro line).


The first session is The Office 365 Groups session you can take back to your colleagues. Groups are confusing. If you don’t think so, you may not exactly know Groups (yet). This session is basically a user-level training that you can take back to your organization pretty much verbatim and use to help train your colleagues on the “what’s in it for me?” on Groups. Don’t miss this session if your org has already moved to O365. People might already be using Groups!


The second session is What it was really like migrating to SharePoint Online, which covers a real case study on getting a company into the cloud, from the background research on the cloud move, to the pitch to upper management for approval, to the project plan. If you’re considering a cloud move, you shouldn’t miss this session.


If you haven’t already, register for the event! It’s one of the best in the industry to attend.


I live in the area, so if you’re looking for recommendations, especially on sightseeing and tourism, I’m an expert! So don’t hesitate to tweet me.

I’m speaking at SPTechCon DC!

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