My recent post on file type limits in SharePoint got some love. So, similar to the size and usage limits infographic, I put together another infographic for this topic.


Shown below is a more reader-friendly version of that post, which covers the special characters you can’t use in a file name, the number of characters you’re limited to in a file or folder name, and the file types you absolutely cannot upload to SharePoint 2013. (You can upload anything you’d like to SharePoint Online.)


This infographic gets a tad unwieldy because of all the file types that SharePoint 2013 won’t accept. Unfortunately not much I can do about that. But hey, at least that list is shorter than it was back when I started using SharePoint in the SP2007 days…


Anyway, if you find this useful, please share. I didn’t make a printer-friendly version because, well, the proportions of the image don’t exactly do you much good on an 8.5×11-inch sheet of paper. Sorry!


Details on SharePoint 2016 will be included once those details are finalized and released by Microsoft.

SharePoint File Type Limits icansharepoint thumbnail

[Infographic] File type and naming restrictions

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