If you have a SharePoint survey that you want to share with colleagues, but don’t want to bother them with the default survey home page, you can link directly to a new, blank response form by replacing some text to the end of the survey’s web address.


This is useful because the default survey home page—called an overview page in SharePoint lingo—is pretty simple and hasn’t changed at all since SP2007. I’ve had dozens of people tell me they didn’t realize how to respond to a survey when I link them to the survey’s home page.


Which is funny, considering there’s a button that specifically says “Respond to this Survey”.


Survey Respond to This Survey Button

But it apparently has some super serious user interface camouflage on because it’s not a unique complaint; I get it a lot.


So instead, you can link anyone to a new survey page—called the survey submission form—directly by taking the URL of the survey, removing the /overview.aspx (and any gobblty-gook after that) at the end of the URL and adding /NewForm.aspx in its place. This works in SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, SharePoint Online, and—I assume—SharePoint 2016.


Survey Link Change Direct Form

You don’t need to be a site owner to take advantage of this, either. As long as you have access to the survey, you can share a link to it like this, and get your colleagues around the ugly overview page. To create a survey, however, likely will require site owner status.

Link directly to a blank survey form

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