Hello SharePoint world!


Welcome to our new website, icansharepoint.com. You probably found this place because you’re looking for help using SharePoint at work. Whether it’s to get through whatever you absolutely have to do or looking for some slick new ways to make your day job easier, you’ve come to the right place.


We aim to make SharePoint more than bearable; we want it to be enjoyable. [Yeah, I know: cue eye roll.]


This site came about because of a notable lack of real-world, helpful, easy-to-follow resources for the typical SharePointer. (To me,”SharePointer” sound so much better than “SharePoint user”.) There are plenty of good resources out there, but they’re not centralized. There’s no clear connection between them. We’re changing that.


And why’s that important? The guidance is necessary because, well, SharePoint just isn’t that intuitive at first. Even power users are regularly perplexed by it. That said, once you understand what it can—and can’t do—you’ve got a great way to improve your workday and that of your colleagues and groups a ton. You can really shine to management if you go all out, even providing legitimate quantitative metrics to show your value to the organization.


There are a ton of resources out there for IT professionals, admins, sysops, and whatnot. For a non-admin, those sites are the most frustrating thing in the world because those guys talk in their own language. This website is meant for the literally millions of people out there that don’t make SharePoint their day job. And currently lack similar online guidance.


So, we’re looking to compile simplified, practical resources here for you to use. We’ll be featuring descriptions of tools, how they work, which versions of SharePoint do what, and, most importantly, we’ll be posting practical business examples of how you can use SharePoint to make your business, team, group, or whatever do its job more efficiently.


Most importantly, this is a work-in-progress. We’ve got some great upgrades coming soon. At launch, we’ll have some excellent starter content (if I do say so myself). So keep up with us by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and signing up for our email updates. You can also follow this blog on RSS. We’ll make sure you’re informed when we add new stuff.


And that’s important because that new stuff will be worth incorporating during your workday. It’ll help you, your colleagues, your company, and the bottom line.


Thanks for reading. Looking forward to the journey ahead. Cheers!


Making SharePoint enjoyable

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