Note: The list of SharePoint-related conferences occurring in 2017 is available here.


I pinged the Twitter-verse earlier this week to find out whether there is a central listing of SharePoint and Office 365 conferences that are occurring this year.




Based on the response, it sounds like no, there isn’t a list out there. So I did some research tonight and assembled a quick list of North American conferences. A few European and African ones pop up as well.


Notably, a couple are online and free. So you can attend at work, right from your desk. And that’s great for the everyday SharePointer who likely would never use (waste?) the luxury of a professional development opportunity on SharePoint; you have a real profession or skill to hone, and SharePoint likely ain’t it. So take advantage of the free stuff you can attend virtually.


I mean, hey, I’m a knowledge management type in the SharePoint arena. Centralizing information is kind of my schtick.


I didn’t include webinars hosted by third party vendors. There are just too many of them to keep track of.


I’ll do my best to keep this up to date. The list is shown below; you can access it here, too. Feel free to share.


If you notice anything missing, ping me at @thatmattwade and I’ll be sure to review and update as necessary. Direct access to the Google Sheet below is here.

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Special thanks to @vladcatrinescu for peer reviewing this and providing some missing content!

SharePoint conferences in 2016

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