Based on the success of the SharePoint conferences in 2016 post, I’ve begun assembling a similar list for SharePoint-related conferences occurring in 2017. The list isn’t nearly complete yet, but I will add to it as more events are announced or become known.


As mentioned in the post for 2016, there doesn’t seem to be a good place to find a centralized list of SharePoint-related conferences, so I decided to create one. The conferences I list generally occur in the Americas, but some of the larger conferences that take place in EMEA (mainly Western Europe and South Africa) and Oceania are included. Some take place solely online (e.g., UnityConnect Online).


Conferences range in scope from full-on SharePoint development (e.g., Build, Ignite) to applications of SharePoint at very much the user level (e.g., SharePoint for Internal Communicators, KM World). I generally try to include all SharePoint Saturdays that are planned by SPS Events, plus any other SharePoint Saturdays that are put on independently. Area user groups (SPUGs) are not typically included because they appear to be a bit too specific at this time. But I’m open to changing what’s included.


Anyway, if you know of an event that’s missing or hear of new ones being announced, please let me know via tweet, @thatmattwade. Direct access to the Google Sheet below is here.


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SharePoint conferences in 2017

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