Continuing from the last couple years, I’ve put together a listing of planned conferences in the SharePoint and Office 365 world. With the surge in O365 usage, I’ve put more emphasis on O365 this year than I had in the past.


SharePoint remains, of course, but you’ll note that a lot of events are rebranding to include O365, Azure, and other Microsoft cloud components and backing a bit away from being solely SharePoint-centric.


If you know of an event that’s missing or hear of new ones being announced, please let me know via tweet, @thatmattwade. I will include any relevant Office 365/SharePoint event, but I draw the line at user groups. Far too many to keep track of.


Direct access to the calendar shown below is here; instructions on how to subscribe to this calendar are here.



A tabular representation of the calendar information above is shown in the Google Sheet below. The direct link to the file is here.

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SharePoint & O365 conferences in 2018

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