Microsoft posted a lengthy blog post today covering better integration between SharePoint Online and Office 365 Groups, as well as more specific info about the modern pages rollout.


But in a seemingly buried paragraph near the bottom of the post (plus an FAQ at the very end), they dropped a small bombshell stating that SharePoint Online site collections will soon provide 25 terabytes of space; the current limit is 1 terabyte. That’s a major deal and it surprises me that they hid that tidbit so far down.


25 tb size limit graphic

This will have a major impact on how people use a SharePoint Online system (makes for a lot more opportunity of ROT content build-up). Site collection administrators will of course retain the ability to make their collections smaller if necessary, to keep things under control, maybe?


This appears to also affect the Office Video Portal (woot!). There is no word about the impact on OneDrive for Business. I only say that because each user’s OD4B is actually a SharePoint document library behind the scenes, so it could turn into a major boost for individual storage, as well. But that’s speculation on my part.


The post indicates that the first Office 365 tenants will start receiving the boost the week of September 5, 2016 and it should be completed by the end of September 2016.

SharePoint Online site collection size increases to 25 TB

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