SharePoint offers a bunch of great tools to make your work day easier. Learn about them here and make Monday feel like, well, maybe Wednesday.

  • Alerts


    Get an automatic email when your boss finally signs off on your latest submittal. Plus more.

  • Blogs


    Prove you’re the expert you know you are. Blogging at work makes more sense than you might think.

  • Calendars


    Easily stay on top of your team schedule, conference room reservations, and company events.

  • Check In/Out

    Check In/Out

    Call dibs on that file so no one else can play with it while you’re finishing up a critical review.

  • Co-Authoring


    You’ve waited patiently. Collaborate in a fraction of the time thanks to new simultaneous editing options.

  • Dashboards


    Make your business metrics and KPIs known by all. Build your dashboards in Excel and display them in SharePoint.

  • Metadata


    Tag your files in an organized way so they’re way easier to find when you need them.

  • Newsfeed

    My Sites

    Network like a superstar with SharePoint’s online profiles. It’s like Facebook for work, but productive.

  • Newsfeed


    Be part of the conversation with this surprisingly useful social networking tool—at work!

  • Open with Explorer

    Open with Explorer

    Because SharePoint still won’t let you upload and move files as simply as File Explorer.

  • Outlook Integration

    Outlook Integration

    Who knew you could access almost any SharePoint list or library directly from Outlook? Well, now you do!

  • Project Integration

    Project Integration

    Sync your MS Project MPPs to a SharePoint Task List to provide view & edit access without Project licenses!

  • Search


    Improve your search experience with some simple tips and tricks. Really, it can get better.

  • Surveys


    Take the pulse of the people, or collect today’s lunch orders. The quick and easy way.

  • Tasks


    Keep all your ongoing work assignments in one central place, complete with Gantt charts and project management tools.

  • Usage Reports

    Usage Reports

    Understand how your users are engaging with your sites while setting and meeting goals using quantifiable data.

  • Version History

    Version History

    One of SharePoint’s greatest features lets you look at the past lives of your documents and files.

  • Views


    The most powerful way to find your stuff is sorting, filtering, and grouping with SharePoint views.