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Welcome to the icansharepoint wiki[edit]

This resource is intended to be an encyclopedia for SharePoint users so they understand exactly what they're reading when they're learning something new at or anywhere else on the internet.

To reiterate, the focus is on users of SharePoint and Office 365 - not technical people. While there are many resources on the Web to inform and educate people who build things with SharePoint, it can be harder to find explanations in plain wording for non-technical people. While Microsoft provides some excellent help content, this Wiki aims to provide a perspective un-tethered from marketing or sales goals, with a realistic bent.

Better educated users are equipped to have better conversations with their technical counterparts. Often, the specific terms technical people use can be confusing and rely on the assumption that everyone understands the technical acronyms and phrases.

Like Wikipedia, the icansharepoint wiki is open to crowdsourcing. In fact, it's encouraged! If you can add to the content, make it better, fix an error, etc. please do! However, content and conflict is ultimately at the discretion of User:MattWade.

Existing articles[edit]

So far, the following articles have been created. This in no way implies an article is complete, so please feel free to add to it! I (User:MattWade) am adding articles as they become relevant when I'm writing blog posts, so don't assume the list below bears any resemblance to an organized or prioritized order to article creation. As you add articles, please add them to the list below. (As it gets longer, we can make it multi-column.)

Starting new articles[edit]

Think a new article should be created and included? If you don't see it in the list above, it hasn't been created yet. You can easily access and create a new article by going to its page. Simply add the article name after the wiki's base URL using a subscript (_) for spaces. For example, if you wanted to create the article for SharePoint Designer, the URL would be Then click the "create this page" link to start.


Add good content when and if you can. Fix errors that you notice. And make sure the articles inter-link. Use double brackets around the word or phrase (and use the exact word or phrase of the other article) to connect the articles. Don't over-link: if "SharePoint" is already linked once in the article, there should be no need to link it again.

Add images! Screenshots and sketches are extremely helpful to understand many Office 365 and SharePoint concepts. You can upload images using the "Upload file" link on the left side of every page. Further, you can link or include a thumbnail of the image directly in the article using this code: [[File:FileName.png|200px|thumb|right|Insert caption here]]

Good luck and have fun!